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4 Eye-Catching Interior Window Frame Designs for Second-Floors

When it comes to making your property stand out, incorporating unique and eye-catching interior window frame designs on the second floor would be a great choice. This will add visual interest to your home. And it can also increase its value. Plus, it doesn’t have to be expensive as you can book an affordable handyman service with ease. Here are four ideas to consider:

1. Arched Window Frames

Arched window frames add an elegant and timeless touch to any room. They work particularly well in traditional or classic-style homes. The curved shape of the frame creates a soft and inviting look, while also adding architectural interest. Arched window frames can be used on their own or in combination with other window styles to create a custom look.

2. Bay Window Frames

Bay window frames create a cozy nook and provide plenty of natural light. They’re perfect for creating a reading or sitting area on the second floor. Bay windows typically consist of three or more windows that protrude from the exterior wall, forming a bay. This design not only adds visual interest to the exterior of your home but also creates additional interior space.

3. Picture Window Frames

Picture window frames offer unobstructed views and allow plenty of natural light to enter the room. They’re perfect for showcasing a beautiful view from the second floor. Picture windows are large, fixed windows that don’t open. They’re often used in combination with other window styles, such as casement or double-hung windows, to provide ventilation.

4. Geometric Window Frames

Geometric window frames add a modern and unique touch to any room. You can opt for many design options available for these types of window frames. Popular geometric shapes include circles, hexagons, and triangles.

In conclusion, incorporating unique interior window frame designs on the second floor is a great way to make your property stand out in the neighborhood. If you’re interested in exploring these options further, A&F Handyman Services can help you find the perfect design for your home. To avail of our affordable handyman service in Springfield Gardens, NY, feel free to call us at (315) 501-8601.

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